Exciting inventory items to come

I was surprised when I first came across the admin inventory page (thanks person on facepunch forums for linking it!). It is a very informative site which features stats on all items in the game. Also, there is a whole page of items which may or may not be added into the game.

This site allows people to add items, upload images and descriptions and have others vote on if they want it in the game. Many of the objects will probably never make it into the game (I'm looking at you tampon), however, some have already shown up on the devblogs.

Stone Spear

If you've been following the devblogs like most of us have, last friday, you saw the stone spear in action. I'm really excited about this new weapon: It’s raw, it's rudimentary and, from the looks of it, it'll be easy to lose. It is unknown at this point what the cost will be, however, my guess is something long the lines of 50-100 wood and 10-20 stones per spear. The cool thing about this melee weapon is that it is throwable. The main attacked will be a stabbing motion and the secondary attack will be a throw (see video). I cannot wait to take down my first intruder by hurling a spear off my roof into his soft, melon head.

Locked Box

Tom has been working for about 18 days on modeling a new form of storage for the game. So far, it appears to be a locked box, something a little more protective than the current wooden storage. Will it use the same lock and key system for the doors? I'd say probably. Will you be able to break into it with a number of hits without destroying it? I'm thinking yes. It isn't on the elasticbeanstalk site yet and I'm not sure how soon we'll be seeing it in game.

Salvaged Hammer / Pickaxe

The most recent devblog featured the first video of the salvaged pickaxe in action. The week before we were introduced to the salvaged hammer. There are no entries in elasticbeanstalk for either of these items so it is hard to tell what their exact functionality will be. My guess is both are upgraded (metal) versions of their predecessors. Meaning, axe will harvest more and hammer will build faster. Both will require metal and probably some cloth. Can’t wait to try them out in game!


These little guys have actually already snuck their way into the game (along with their cousin, apple, whom you might have seen in an airdrop crate if you've been so lucky). The berries, however, do not spawn anywhere in game yet unless you've admin spawned them. I expect in the future you'll be able to harvest berries from bushes and various shrubbery. One thing I can tell you is: they are delicious (you can eat them and they do restore health).


Meg has been arting up a storm the past several weeks with a crapton of concept work for the new medical items for the game. Here’s the deal: Garry and co aren't thrilled with the current medkit system so they are exploring alternative healing methods. No, I'm not talking about some homeopathy bullshit, I'm talking big, dirty ass syringes full of the good stuff to bring your Newman back to life. There aren't any items in the elasticbeanstalk site yet so I wouldn't worry about getting hepatitis within the next month (in game atleast).

Fishing Rod

We haven't see much action on this guy since June but there has been enough work done on the fishing system that I am confident in saying it will be added, eventually. Personally, I cannot wait to be able to step out of my cozy blue house (probably won't be blue at that point), wander down to the shore, bait my hook and cast my line far into water. Sitting there, enjoying the peaceful morning sunrise, only to get jolted out of it by a tug on my line. But I digress…

Fishing will be an awesome addition to this game. Different strength rods, community created lures, craft a boat (also hoping for) and go on a little fishing trip with the guys. I can see it now, 4 bucketheads in rad gear munching on berries with their... ok I'll stop. See more info on trello.

Wooden sign

There are several entries in elasticbeanstalk for wooden signs (none look to be created by facepunch). Garry has mentioned the idea of signs already on reddit so I'd be surprised if they are not a future addition to the game. I love the idea of crafting a sign and putting a custom message on it. You could give directions, leave a message for a friend, label your house, warn people of enemies, the possibilities are endless! I am excited about this one.

Bear Traps

If you've explored the experimental crafting menu, you've probably stumbled upon the skull at the very bottom with a single lonely item: the bear trap. You may have even ventured as far as to spend the 100 metal frags on crafting one of the puppies. Here’s the good news: it will take your 100 frags and replace them with a sweet looking bear trap icon. Here’s the bad news: doesn't work yet. That’s ok, when it does work, it’s going to be fucking awesome.

Imagine this: You're pickaxing away at a wood pile to gather more resources for your humble abode. All the sudden, some rock-wielding, naked-Newman is barreling down on you, swinging rock over high with no regards to your safety. Now imagine you equipe and drop and bear trap 2 steps in front of him. First step, he see’s it and know’s he needs to stop. Second step, you got him! That little rock totting son of a bitch is yours. He’s alive, but he can't move. You slowly draw your stone spear and gracefully plunge it into his heart. Get that campfire roaring because you and your friends are going to be feasting on some fresh human meat tonight. All thanks to your handy bear trap.