How do I make walls in Rust Experimental?

This is by far the most asked question in Rust Experimental. The reason is building works completely differently than it did in legacy. In legacy, you would craft a bunch of building pieces first, then place them down as you build. Now, there is a little more to it.

11/21 Update note: The new building system launched today making all the the below information obsolete. I'm working on updating it now but in the mean time check out my post on the new system.

Building Plan

  • Make a piece of paper with 100 wood (3rd crafting tab down, the little flower)
  • Craft the building plan (top tab with the house icon)


  • Look for the little hammer icon on the crafting tabs
  • Make the first item on the list, a Hammer
  • Don't bother with the salvaged hammer, it looks awesome but is slow as fuck (see more in our building upgrade guide)

Lay Foundation

  • Now move your hammer and foundation plan to position 1 - 6 in on your hot bar
  • Place a foundation down. You’ll see just a frame of the foundation is placed
  • Wack that bad boy with your hammer till it turns into a foundation

Now The Tricky Part

  • Equip your building plan and... Right click!
  • You’ll see a context menu which allows you to select whatever building piece you like

Build some walls

  • Now you can select a wall and place a frame on the edge of the foundation
  • Hit with hammer till it's logs, as you keep hammering, your wall will keep upgrading. Read more about that in our guide to building upgrades.
  • Repeat

Some Tips

  • Want a ceiling? Use the floor plan.
  • Cant place a floor? Make sure there is a wall, window or doorway below. You cannot place a floor unless there is one of the objects on the lower floor connected to at least one side of your new floor.
  • Hammer not striking? Try ducking. If hitting a window plan, note there are no hit boxes where the window actually is (even tho there is a frame there).
  • Stairs can be tricky at first to get the feel of. Place a stair frame and look at the ends of it before you hammer it in. If it's not touching the top of it's adjoining wall, whack it with your rock and try again.
  • Getting an error in chat like "Can't find male socket"? Make sure you're placing the item on a valid spot. Try wiggling it around or placing something near it.

Don't feel like reading? Check out this informative video our community member, Astronautical Ferret whipped up.


  • 10/8/2014 - Added note about not using the salvaged hammer.
  • 9/30/2014 - Added video link, changed wording from foundation plan to building plan. Added blueprint picture.
  • 9/23/2014 - Initial post

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