Introducing: EU Trio


Coming August 2nd, Rustafied will launch a new Solo/Duo/Trio server on the Official list. Here's the details:

  • 150 slots
  • 4K map
  • Biweekly map wipe schedule
  • Max teamsize = 3

Trio-Specific Rules

  • Max. 3 players authorized on TC over the course of a wipe
  • Max. 3 Players in a group, no swapping out members
  • Max. 3 players basing together (brief trades exempt)
  • Max. 3 players raiding/roaming together
  • Neutrality is permitted, alliances are not
  • If in doubt, contact a moderator - they have final say
Neutrality is permitted where two separate groups do not actively assist each other (in combat or otherwise).

Players banned from the Trio server will be banned from all Rustafied servers.