Introducing: Rust Players

Lone wolves, creating packs.

The Problem

Lone wolfing it sucks, and it can be hard to find reliable, trustworthy people to play Rust with. Sure, there is /r/playrustlfg and various community forums, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could communicate in real time with other people looking to group up on the server you play?

Enter: Rust Players Slack

Slack is a team chat tool which works seamlessly across all platforms. Although it is marketed towards businesses, its uses extend far beyond the workplace.

I started using slack to create effective communication with the Rustafied staff. After doing that, I used it to create a server owner community where game developers, hosting companies, mod developers, and over 250 server owner's share and collaborate with each other.

Now, I want to solve this lone wolf dilemma using the same tool.

How it works

Click the "signup" button on this page and fill out your email address and steam profile URL. You will receive an invite to the Rust Players slack team. Create an account and login.

There are channels for many popular official, community, and modded servers. Join the channel for the server you play on and say, “Hi.”

We also recommend scrolling up and direct messaging people who have previously said they are looking to group up. 


Get an invite

Please fill out the form below and an invite will arrive in your inbox shortly.


Here are the requirements to join:

  • Put your steam profile URL in your slack profile!
  • Make sure your steam profile is public
  • Own a copy of Rust
  • People with VAC bans are subject to removal