Links for following Rust development


Can you not wait to see what’s next in the world of Rust? I compiled this list of links to the most informative resources on Rust development.


The Rust updates Twitter is probably the most frequently updated resource. Every time Helk and crew pushes something to the code repository, it automatically posts the commit message to this twitter account. It’s a good way of seeing what's happening on a moment by moment basis.

Rust Commit Feed

An alternative to the update Twitter is the commit feed. This is where the source information for the Twitter posts come from and details every commit made by the FacePunch team to the game (although some may be marked private).

Rust Changelog

In addition to the commit feed which displays every commit there is the changelog which gives a better overview of the more meaningful changes to the game that players may notice as the game is developed. These changes have the benefit of being more user-friendly to read and understand, too.


Are you running a Rust server? Curious to see when the last push of new code was made to steam? This is your resource. It allows you to see when the last updates for each branch was made and track build ID’s (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Rust Wiki

A crowd updated Wiki with loads of useful stats and information.

This is where you go the first Thursday of each month to view the wonderful devblog and weekly community updates. Need I say more?

Great information including links to updates and searchable map seeds.

Displays many common statistics with a clean and accessible UI.

Check the status and queue of your favorite Rust server.