Monument Puzzles: Advanced Red Solutions

Advanced tier puzzles are accessible once you've obtained a red card from Medium (Blue) puzzles. They provide better loot than Medium puzzles, and are the hardest to complete overall.

This guide shows you how to complete each red puzzle, step by step.

Note: Puzzles are brand new to the game and subject to change. We'll try to keep this information as up to date as possible. Also, loot estimates are just that.... estimates!

Where do you find Red Cards?

Red cards are found by solving Medium puzzles. If you have not yet completed any of these, check out our handy guide on how to complete all Medium Blue Puzzles.

Can you buy Red Cards?

Unlike Blue cards, Red cannot be purchased at the outpost. That said, individual players may sell them at vending machines around the map.

Red Monument Puzzle Solutions

Military Tunnels

Electric Fuse
Green Keycard
Blue Keycard
Red Keycard
Guns! (Scientist NPC's in tunnel)

Protection needed
25 rad protection

Estimated loot
Behind Red door
3x Elite Crate
2x Military Crate
2x Normal

Take the right door at the front entrance

Head to the right then look for a door marked 'Armory' on the right

Go down the hall, first door on the right, find a fuse box and timer (place fuse and activate)

Head back out the way you came and down the tunnel as it curves right

Look for the hole in the fence on the left, go through it and head left

Look for a door marked 'Storage' across the tracks. Swipe Green card.

Head to your right and flip the switch labeled 'Laboratory'

Head back out and to the left towards the center of the core

Grab the elite crates from the center rail car

Exit the rail car and head down towards your right

Keep heading straight till you see a Blue door on the right marked 'Laboratory'

Behind the Blue door you'll find the Red door with a short timer

You've now reached the main loot of the puzzle, congrats!

Look for the quick exit on your left

Launch Site

2x Electric Fuse
Green Keycard
Red Keycard

Protection needed
25 rad protection to flip all the switches in order to enter the main building
The main building itself requires a Rad suit and at least one full water jerry can

Estimated loot
Behind Red door
 2x Elite
2x Military
2x Normal

Go to the green building labeled with '011'

Flip the switch inside

Head past the rocket to the stone building with metal ramp

Go down the stairs and into a room on your left - flip that switch

Go to the scaffolding and drop down the hole

Jump across to the ledge

Activate the timer then head through the doorway

Jump across the beams to the other side

Press the red button

Loot that shit then press the other button to get out

Now head to the green door at the little building by the 3 silos

Put a fuse in the fusebox and flip the switch

Go over to the far side of this building, near the two blue containers

Inside that door you'll find a fuse box and switch - do it up

Exit that building and head to the large building, enter the red door on the right

Climb up and get loot. To get out make sure you flick the switch in this room.