Tips for finding your friends in Rust


Rust is meant to be played with friends. That being said, it can be extremely difficult to actually meet up with your friends in game. There’s no teleporting or compasses to show you where they are, so here are some tips to get your group together.

  • First and most important, make sure you’re all on the same server!

Gifting a Sleeping Bag

One of the quickest ways to get everyone together, the first person that finds enough hemp or kills enough animals to make a sleeping bag (30 cloth) can assign it to someone for them to spawn on. Hold E on the bag, and you’ll be given a radial menu to choose from.

You can specify a friends name if they don't show up.

Timer's on Bags persist after gifting

Bags can be picked up and reassigned, so if you’re struggling to make multiple bags, you can have people reassign the bag to the next person once they spawn on it. Keep in mind the sleeping bag has a 300 second cooldown, so while this will save you cloth, it’ll take awhile before everyone’s in the same spot.

Server Mapping

Hitting “G” in game brings up a copy of the world map including coordinates to easily exchange location information. .

Get in the same biome

Rust has 3 main biomes: Desert, Forest, and Snow. If you’re in different biomes, one of you can either keep F1 kill respawning (which has a 60 second cooldown) or ask a kind naked to kill you over and over until you’re in the same biome. 

Send screenshots via Steam

Still struggling to find each other? Have each of you take a screenshot of your current vantage point and send them to each other.