Getting started in Rust


How to buy Rust

Rust can be purchased as an early access game through the Steam store.

Rust is a brutal, unforgiving game. There’s no tutorial, no directions, and seemingly no one will want to explain everything to you.

Starter tips

  • When you first load up the game, take a second to check your settings. Rust is an alpha game, regardless of how good you computer is, at some point you might have performance issues.
  • There’s a ton of settings you can tweak to maximize your performance and experience. Some changes may require you to restart your game.  Check out our guide for Improving your FPS in Rust.
  • Every second is precious. There’s always resources to be gathered and items to be crafted.
  • Make sure you have all the supplies you need to build before you start.


  • At the beginning of each wipe, the beaches you spawn on will be filled with nakeds killing each other with rocks. Your first priority is to get out of that clusterfuck and fast.
  • While you’re running away, open crates, break barrels, and pick up resources that will be laying around. Crates and barrels will hold crucial components needed to build items and food to keep you alive.


Start Gathering!

  • Once you’re decently far away from the spawn beaches, you’ll need to start gathering resources to build yourself a base.
  • You begin with a rock and a torch. The rock is going to be your best friend for awhile, you can hit trees for wood and rock nodes for stone, metal ore, sulfur ore, and high quality metal ore. 
    Wood is the most important to begin with. Get 300 to make yourself a spear, then keep gathering for building supplies.
  • Find some rock nodes. They are always one shape, shiny, and will have streaks of silver, gold, or brown. Hit nodes until you have 325 stone; 200 for a stone hatchet and 125 for a stone pickaxe.
  • Use hatchets for harvesting wood and animals, pickaxes for harvesting nodes.
  • Find and kill an animal with your spear or hatchet. Congratulations, you have made your first successful kill.
  • Don’t get too cocky though, quickly harvest it’s body with your hatchet to continue the circle of life.
  • If you’re having trouble finding animals, look for hemp plants that will give you 10 cloth and a hemp seed.
  • If you find yourself facing a predator, tread carefully. Wolves are very fast and can lock onto you from very far away. Bear’s footsteps can be heard if you’re close enough, these beasts are currently extremely powerful and should be avoided until you have the proper gear and weapons. 
  • All animals in Rust currently can run through and up any rocks, regardless of height. Try to sneak up on prey, and hide from predators.

High quality metal node

Stone node

Sulfur node


Start Building!

  • Now that you have a building plan, a hammer, and tool cupboard, a door, and a lock, you can build a base!
    The quickest and easiest base to build is a simple 2x1 (pictured above). Begin building your walls and door frame with the building plan and immediately upgrade them to wood with the hammer, as twig can be destroyed almost instantly. Place your tool cupboard and authorize yourself on it by hitting E. As soon as you’ve done that, place the door in the frame and add the lock. Remember to create a key by holding E on the lock and clicking on ‘Create new key’. You’ll know it worked when the lock turns red and a key appears in your inventory. Don’t forget to add the roof! People can easily boost into your base with a friend and take all your hard earned loot.
  • Take note of what way your walls are facing. All walls and frames have a hard side and a soft side. You always want the hard side facing out, as the soft side is significantly weaker and you can be raided much more easily.
  • Once you have the first locked door on, make another door and key and place it in the second door frame. This is called an airlock, and it is one of the most important parts of building in the game. This assures that if someone chases you into your base, there will still be a door in between them and your loot. As you expand your base, the more airlocks, the better.
  • Now you can start pimping out your base. In the same room as your tool cupboard, you can place your sleeping bag, some boxes for storage, a campfire to cook food and heal you, and a furnace when you can make one. Your sleeping bag can be picked up and placed as many times as needed, and it will be your respawn point. Keep in mind each time you respawn on it or pick it up the cooldown is refreshed (300 seconds!), and any bags within 20 foundations will share the cooldown. You can have up to 8 sleeping bags on your respawn screen, but having that many will block the respawn button. You can delete bags by clicking the X on the corner of each.
  • Furnaces are a bit hard to get really early on, but you can get metal fragments by cooking empty food cans in the fireplace until you can make a furnace.


  • You’ve been working hard all day, you’re gonna be hungry and thirsty! Break out the campfire, shove some wood and raw meat in, and start cooking. Make sure to keep an eye on it, it only takes 3 wood to cook food, and 6 more to burn it. Eating burned food will give you very little food and make you lose health.
  • Water is a bit more tricky. You can find water bottles in food crates or drink from, rivers and lakes. You wont be able to drink salt water from the ocean.

Smelt till you drop

  • Furnaces need 50 low grade fuel(animal fat and cloth), 200 wood, and 200 stone. Furnaces will smelt your sulfur and metal ores in to cooked sulfur and metal fragments. 
  • Metal fragments are used for a variety of items as well as upgrading your base. Start cooking them early to upgrade quickly.
  • Sulfur is used for ammunition and explosives. 95% of your cooked sulfur is going to be turned in to gunpowder, the rest still for explosives. When first starting, you will want to focus on cooking the metal ore first, but don’t throw out your sulfur, you will need it later on.
  • High quality metal is used for the top tier guns, the highest building upgrades and doors, and top tier armor.
  • It’s very hard to gather, there being only 1-3 high quality ore in each node. Keep it safe, and never drop it.
    There are a couple different ways to smelt the ore, as shown below. If you don’t need to save charcoal while you’re smelting(it’s not really needed till a couple days into a wipe usually), then you can have it spit out the charcoal to let it despawn, and cook your sulfur/metal slightly faster. Remember, you will have to manually make sure the furnace is spitting out charcoal rather than the metal/sulfur.

Begin your domination

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