Rust Experimental Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions I've seen on our Rust Experimental server. Please comment below if you have any suggestions, corrections or additions!

How do I kill myself?

  • Open console (F1)
  • Type: kill

See more console commands (sensitivity, fov, spectate, etc.) on our console command guide.

How do I turn off grass?

You can't. grass.on false is a thing of the past. You can, however, toggle a bunch of stuff off in the options menu when you hit escape. If that still doesn't do the trick, check out our guide on improving FPS in Rust Experimental.

How do I use voice chat?

The default voice communication key is V

How does building work?

Building is incredibly different from Legacy. Read more about it in our guide: How do I build walls?

Did the server wipe?

Probably. Rust Experimental is changing so rapidly and so often, many updates require the map to wipe. If you're wondering if the server wiped, browse to it on the server list and look at the description (most server put last wipe / next wipe info in there).

How do blueprints work?

You can only craft a small percentage of items when you first join a server. Finding and studying blueprints allows you to learn how to craft more valuable items. They work the exact same way as in legacy. Once you find a blueprint, you may simply left-click on it and click "Study blueprint". If you already know how to craft the items, you won’t have the option to study it anymore.

Do my blueprints wipe when the map does?

That depends on the server owner. Blueprint data and map data are saved in different places. That means a server wipe won’t necessarily mean a blueprints wipe as well. Given the difficulty in finding blueprints and frequency of wipes, for the foreseeable future, I will be keeping blueprint knowledge between wipes. I may decide to clear them out in a month or so, however, don’t worry about losing them anytime soon.

What's the deal with all those barrels around the map?

Those are lootable barrels. They spawn randomly around the map and drop anywhere from 0 to 3 items when you break them. This is the main way to find blueprints in order to learn how to craft more objects like guns, clothing or better gathering tools.

Can I swim?

Yes, you can actually swim in Rust Experimental! Watch out, you can also drown in Rust Experimental!

  • Keep an eye out when a metabolism bar appears on the bottom right of your screen.
  • You'll see a wet icon when you get in shallow water and the soaking wet icon as your body get deeper in the water.
  • The cold icon mostly only affects you at night, but it will deal damage. It may affect you during daytime if you stay underwater too long.
  • Don’t go underwater for too long or you’ll notice the orange lung icon appear. Which means that you are drowning and you’ll start losing health points rapidly.

Another important notice for you swimming Newmans:

  • Cold = losing health.
  • If you swim, get out of the water and notice you have the cold icon active, make a fire quick to warm up and get dry. Otherwise, you will be seeing that health meter plummet.

Is fall damage on?

Fall damage is on. The only way to not get any fall damage is to fall in the water.

Why can't I see any servers?

You've probably opted into the experimental beta program through steam. This causes your client version to update a lot more often than people who have not opted in. The server list only shows servers which are compatible with your version. Most servers stay compatible with the current main client version (not the beta version).

Here's how to fix it:

  • Exit the game
  • In steam, go to your Library
  • Right click on Rust and select 'properties'
  • Click the 'betas' tab on the properties window
  • Choose: NONE - Opt out of all betas
  • You should get prompted for another update and then be able to see servers again. If you still can't, try the following steps.
  • Right click on Rust again and select ‘properties’'
  • Click the ‘Local Files’ tab and select ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache’
  • Restart Steam

As a last resort:

  • Right click on Rust again and select 'delete local content'
  • Once deleted, right click and select 'install game'
  • You should now be able to see some servers

How do I build a wall?

Check out our guide on how to build in Rust Experimental

How do I go into 3rd person?

Users cannot go into third person right now.

Do sleeping bags work?

Yes, sleeping bags work. A couple notes:

  • They cannot be picked up once they are placed.
  • You can name your bag by placing it down and hitting E when looking at it.
  • Multiple bags do work, however, bags in the same area share the same reset timer
  • There is a 4 minute cool-down timer for each bag.

Beds have been recently introduced as well they currently operate just like sleeping bags. They have a shorter respawn cooldown of 2 minutes.


Rust is undergoing constant revision of the metabolism system. Right now it doesn't seem to affect gameplay very much. The only time you need to eat is when you are low on health. Here is what it would look like when you start starving though.

How long does it take to cook meat?

Around 3 wood gets you the perfect medium rare (aka cooked). Keep an eye on it because it burns around 6 wood!

How do I view my FPS?

  • Open console (F1)
  • Type: perf 1

Have shitty FPS? Check out our guide for improving FPS in Rust Experimental.

Does voice chat work?

Yes, activate it by holding down 'V’. It was choppy for a bit after the unity 5 update but it is now done with P2P and it is working consistently. Also, there are moving mouth animations when talking. You cannot see on the hud who is talking in your general area.

Is there a new map?

Yes, all maps in Experimental are procedurally generated based off of a seed number and world size. This means there is a number which generates the terrain when any given server is started. There are 10's of millions of possible seed's so, for all intents and purposes, the map is random for any given server you join. World size varies from 2000 to 8000 (default is 3000 or 9 square kilometers).

You can find maps for pretty much any server at

Can you teleport me to a friend?

No. There is no teleport in experimental yet. If you're trying to find a friend, please check out our guide on finding friends in Rust Experimental.

Can I destroy doors, walls and other building parts?

Yes, however, any building block above twig doesn’t take very much damage from stone hatchet or rock. See more info on our guide, Building upgrades: what you need to know.

Where are the animals?

Animals mainly spawn in forested areas.  The best way to find an animal is with your eyes and ears.

Do animals hurt you?

Yes, bears and wolves will attack you. Deer, chickens and boars avoid you. Wolves are very fast and bears very overpowered at the moment.

Are caves in?

Yes, there are caves which are placed randomly around the map. 

What's the best tool?

  • For fighting: The bow is incredibly powerful if you can master the aiming.
  • For harvesting wood and animals: The Hatchet is currently the best.
  • For gathering stones: The pickaxe is currently the best (salvaged icepick yields more but it breaks so damn fast!)
  • For raiding: if you're using tools, we recommend the Metal Hatchet for wood or Pickaxe for stone. C4 and rockets are the only feasible tool for raiding metal.
  • Just getting started? Use the stone hatchet for wood and use your rock to gather stones.

Are there blueprints?

Yes, blueprints can be found inside barrels that spawn around the map. They may also be found inside the loot crates in Rad towns. You are no longer able to craft everything in the game. Now you have to break barrels or be victorious in the airdrop scramble to learn more recipes.

How do you get metal frags?

Same as Legacy.

  • Gather ore from nodes and from the ground.
  • Kill some animals, make 100 Low Grade Fuel (1 craft makes 5)
  • Create a furnace and put ore in there with some wood.
  • You’ll yield sulfur or metal fragments depending on what type of ore you put in.
  • Watch out, wood burns a lot faster than Legacy.  Roughly 10 wood for every ore.
  • The advantage is that you can spread your ores across multiple slots to increase your production.  Best setup is two furnaces like this:

Does clothing or armor provide protection?

Armor, yes. the metal chest plate and the helmets both block melee hits and bullets. See more on our armor guide. Clothing, yes, it provides a couple points of protection.

Do bear traps work?

Yes, they do. They’ve been renamed to Snap Trap and deal 70 damage on a trigger (along with a nice case of critical bleeding). You need to re-arm them in-between each trigger. The best place to hide a Snap trap is on high grass or in shallow water. They will disappear after snapping 8 times.

How do I get guns?

You can get guns from barrels, loot crates, or from airdrops. All guns work, you can read more at our gun guide: Guns in Rust Experimental.

How do I reload a gun?

Press R to reload your gun.

Do skulls do anything?

You can smash skulls to get bone fragments, s no practical use for bone fragments since the bone knife is virtually useless.  That being said, placing a couple boxes of human skulls around the outside of your house may send a particular message to any passing travelers.

Fire burns!

People don't ask this but they do find out the hard way. No need for you to also... stand back from your campfires when you light them, they will burn you quick!

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