Links for following Rust development

Can you not wait to see what’s next in the world of Rust? I compiled this list of links to the most informative resources on Rust Experimentals ongoing development.


The rust updates twitter is probably the most frequently updated resource. Every time Garry and crew pushes something to the code repository, it automatically posts the commit message to this twitter account. Its a good way of seeing what's happening on a moment by moment basis.

Pivotal Tracker

A project management tool used for tracking features that are currently being worked on and planned for the future.

Trello (archive)

Trello is a project management software that allows you to make various cards and move them to different lists. The development team uses this to get votes from other trello users, track what has been done for this week and keep various parts of development present. There is a nice live updating activity bar which allows you to see when Andre makes a comment or Garry moves a card from Bugs to Done This Week.

Note: This site is no longer actively used by the team.


Are you running an Experimental Rust server? Curious to see when the last push of new code was made to steam? This is your resource. It allows you to see when the last updates for each branch was made and track build ID’s (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Support site

Facepunch recently added the Rust Experimental project to their support site. You can go here to vote on future features and the most critical bugs. You can also submit your own bugs if you find one (but please browse through currently open bugs to make sure someone hasn’t already posted it). A great way to browse this site to see whats new is by showing only completed bugs, sorted by newest:

Note: This site is no longer actively used by the team.

Item Information Page

There is a site specifically dedicated to Rust Experimental inventory items and their statistics. It’s pretty informative to see the actual stats on each weapon and tool. It’s also a great place to keep track of new items being added because it doesn’t enter the game without ending up here first.

Note: This site is no longer actively used by the team.

Rust SDK

This is the first iteration of the Rust SDK. SDK stands for software developer kit and basically provides the ability for users to make their own content for the game. Right now it only accounts for clothing, however, it is the foundation for allowing custom guns, items and more! Read more on the facepunch thread Garry posted.

Rust Dev Wiki

Garry started writing this guide for server owners and developers. Not many updates here but it is an interesting read.

Rust Guide Release Notes

Rust Guide has a comprehensive and up to date list of commit messages from the @rustupdates twitter feed. They also have some great information on Rust Experimental elements and mechanics.

And last but not least... This is where you go each friday to view the wonderful devblog. Need I say more?

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