Tips for finding your friends in Rust

Not a day passes where I don't get asked, "How do I find my friends?" and are dismayed that admins cannot teleport yet.

I've put together this handy guide with some tips on how to find your friends in the vast procedural land of Rust. Let me know if you have any tips of your own!

Gifting a Sleeping Bag

This is the easiest way to get your friend to you. No fuss and no running around. All you need is a sleeping bag that you own. Just hold E on the Bag and you'll get a radial menu. Click on the "Assign to Friend" button and you will get a list of your steam friends that own Rust. Clicking an dragging does work on this list, but clicking once on a name will send it immediately to that person without a confirmation prompt so be careful. Keep in mind that you can only see 10 sleeping bags at a time from the respawn menu so if someone gifts you a few sleeping bags you could be locked out of your house until you return the sleeping bags or otherwise. 

You can specify a friends name if they don't show up.

Timer's on Bags persist after gifting

Once your friend gifts you a bag go ahead and use the console (F1) and type in the command "kill " and the Bag will be listed in your respawn menu. If you're playing on a Mac you have to place a space after the kill command for it to work.  Keep in mind that Bags that are gifted to you with a timer on them will still have the timer on them.

Server Mapping

You can find a map for the server you're on using either or

Get in The Same Biome

Everyone now spawns on the beach so it's usually not hard to find a specific landmark and just respawn until both of you are at the right one. The maps in Rust are by default 16 square kilometers but can be as big as 64 square kilometers. There are about three different biomes with desert lands in the south, grassy lands in the middle and snow up north. Step 1 is to make sure you are both in the same biome. If you're not, open console (F1) and type ‘kill’. Do this until you are in similar surroundings. Near the edge of two biomes? Great! Use the position of the sun and / or coastline to help figure out which direction to travel in.

Find high ground

You can see a long way in Rust, however, you have to be at high enough ground to do so. Look around you and find the closest tall mountain. Go climb that puppy.

Look for Dungeons and monuments

As you’re doing this, keep an eye out for various landmarks like Dungeons (rad towns) and landmarks.


Send screenshots via steam

If you still haven’t found each other, take a couple screenshots from your current vantage point (F12) and have your friend do the same. Share them through steam and see what similarities you notice.

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