Introducing: EDGE


The premier Rust experience.

White list servers, player matchmaking, exclusive content, and more!


White List Servers

Love the early, raw Rust game play?
Edge Primitive is for you.
Limited gear/weapons/raiding - all action! 200 pop - Weekly Wipe
Love playing vanilla Rust but hate huge clans?
Edge Trio is for you!
This server limits groups to 3. 200 pop - Biweekly Wipe

Exclusive Content

Plenty of Newmans
It's like a dating site, but instead of getting the clap, you find someone to base with.

Edge Chat
Connect with other Edge members, Rustafied staff, and special guests.

This is just the start.

We've got a bunch more planned in the form of new servers, educational videos, exclusive events, and content. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more!