Building: What you need to know

Note: Given building and raiding statistics are constantly being balanced, we've temporarily archived this guide, leaving many of the stats below out of date. Please check out this google doc for some more up-to-date information.


Raiding is a key part of game-play and is being tweaked constantly. The most recent update to includes the armored building blocks and a huge paradigm shift for balancing and raiding. It's still nearly impractical to raid without C4 and guns are now completely useless against all metal blocks. However, we are seeing an increase of damage on lower level building blocks. Here are the most recent numbers regarding raiding.



Twig: 2
Wood: 0.2
Stone: 0.2
Metal: 0.1

Stone Hatchet

Stone Hatchet

Twig: 3
Wood: 2.1
Stone: 0.3
Metal: 0.15

Salvaged Hammer

Twig: 4
Wood: 0.4
Stone: 0.4
Metal: 0.2

Stone Pickaxe

Twig: 3.4
Wood: 1.14
Stone: 0.64
Metal: 0.27
Armored: 0.27


Twig: 5
Wood: 3.2
Stone: 0.5
Metal: 0.25
Armored: 0.25


Twig: 6
Wood: 4
Stone: 1.2
Metal: 0.5
Armored: 0.5

Salvaged Axe

Twig: 6
Wood: 5.5
Stone: 0.75
Metal: 0.35
Armored: 0.35

Salvaged Icepick

Twig: 6
Wood: 4.5
Stone: 1.05
Metal: 0.45
Armored: 0.45


Wooden Spear

Twig: 4
Wood: 2
Stone: 1
Metal: 0.4
Armored: 0.4

Stone Spear

Twig: 5.6
Wood: 2.8
Stone: 1.4
Metal: 0.56

Bone Knife

Twig: 3.2
Wood: 2.4
Stone: 0.56
Metal: 0.24
Armored: 0.24

Hunting Bow

Twig: 11
Wood: 1.6
Stone: 0.5
Metal: 0
Armored: 0

Eoka Pistol

Twig: 5
Wood: 2.25
Stone: 1.25
Metal: 0
Armored: 0

Waterpipe Shotgun

Twig: 5
Wood: 4
Stone: 2.85
Metal: 0
Armored: 0


Twig: 7
Wood: 1
Stone: 0.35
Metal: 0
Armored: 0

Pump Action Shotgun

Twig: 5
Wood: 3
Stone: 1
Metal: 0
Armored: 0


Twig: 6.25
Wood: 1
Stone: 0.32
Metal: 0
Armored: 0

Assault Rifle

Twig: 15
Wood: 1.32
Metal: 0
Armored: 0

Bolt Action Rifle

Twig: 15
Wood: 2.25
Stone: 0.75
Metal: 0.01
Armored: 0.01

Timed Explosive Charge (C4)

Twig: 5
Wood: 250
Stone: 300
Metal: 200
Armored: 500

Last but not least...

Rocket Launcher

Twig: 5
Wood: 249
Stone: 139
Metal: 193
Armored: 193

F1 Grenade

Twig: 5
Wood: 40
Stone: 22
Metal: 28
Armored: 28

How stairs work

Stairs currently cover half the height of a level. This means, to have a flush staircase to another level, you need two stairs (and one block piece). This, however, is not the only way to get to the next level...

Several ways to do stairs:

With the most recent update they Devs blessed us with these beauties. Here are the L Shaped stairs:

And here are the U Shaped Stairs

Locking options

There are currently 2 options for locking your house:


Code Lock


  • 100 wood
  • 25 wood (per key)

Stupid Cheap

Keys are a pain in the ass


  • 500 wood
  • 50 metal frags

Code lock is easy, doesn't require key


Upgrade Levels

Currently all of the building blocks require the same amount of materials to upgrade. The only two exceptions to this rule are the Window Bars and the Door.  Both of those require 100 wood to place and skip directly to the wood tier when placed and don't have a stone tier yet.

Tier 0 - Twig : 50 Wood 5 Health

The only building blocks that skip this level are the Window Bars and the Door. This is the initial tier that you can upgrade from.

Tier 1 - Wood : 200 Wood 250 Health

This is the first upgrade for all of the building blocks except for the Door and Window Bars which place directly into this tier.

Tier 2 - Stone : 300 Stones 500 Health

This tier is skipped by the Door and the Window Bars. Also there is currently not a stone texture for the pillar.

Tier 3 - Sheet Metal : 100 Metal Fragments 100 Health

Don't be fooled by this tier's low number. Sheet Metal is immune to all gunfire and it impractical to raid with any of the tools except for C4. C4 will destroy any sheet metal block in one fell swoop.

Campfires not included

Tier 4 - Armored Metal : 500 Metal Frags, 400 Stone, 300 Wood - 1,000 Health

This tier is in now and we are doing some initial testing with it. So far all building blocks cost the same to escalate to this level and have the same health.  The only feasible method of raiding is C4 and that will require two charges per building block.

Schematics!!! Round Builds

Stumbled across a set of images that we wanted to share for round building layouts since the triangles can be kinda confusing but ultimately quite powerful. If you get a chance please visit the reddit post and give T-i-m- an upvote for being awesome!

The only note to add here is that the third and fourth designs require you to place a block down so that you can place the triangle floors.

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